is a Motion Designer and artist 
in all things colour 
and chaos.



♑ capricorn  🚀👽🌌 sci-fi enthusiast 👹 chronic overthinker  


When I was 9 my mum asked me what I wanted to be when I was older 
and I told her I want to be a starving artist. 

Not sure where that came from, bit strange for a child to say -
it did make my mum laugh though. 
Anyways, I became what I wanted (minus the starving).

I am an artist, first ever medium painting, later graduating in 3D Design 
with Creative Computing.

Presently I am a digital artist + motion designer, using code and AI to 
create interactive abstract images, album covers, music video visualisers for amazing musicians (drop me a line 📩),  live events and spaceships. 

I also produce events; in the past I have worked alongside Somerset House, Livesey Exchange and Fuzzbrain Studios to radically transform spaces to 
facilitate creative outlets, community networking and music.

Oh and I started painting again in 2023 after about a decade hiatus. How I have missed it.

I am an artist of many mediums and the stories I tell are ones of 
speculation, futurism, colour and joy.  How can I tell a story to audiences with few words? How can I take them out of this world to another?

I am an artist with many tools and many tools yet to find.
I like to dream, and I love colour.
I love to collaborate, and I like strange conversations 
about the future we can build of collective skills exchange, happiness and authenticity.  

Lets chat 👽

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