Hoodstock 2023

Joshua’s Stage

Fuzzbrain and Lamefest held their third installment of HOODSTOCK at Colour Factory 
on the 1st of September, with proceeds from tickets going directly towards
funding studio sessions for young artists.

I created visuals for the memorial stage dedicated to Joshua, a key member of the scene 
and a friend to many who performed on the day + are a part of the scene.

I had the privilege of meeting Josh a few times, he was funny and charismatic,  you could talk to him   about nothing and everything. He was a radiant soul of goodness and joy and it was infectious. 

Using images from friends and family, in combination with my own visualisers, I wanted to convey the energy Josh radiated through a mix of vivid colours and contrasts that captivated audiences during the festival, but also allowed distinct focus when personal clips where played. 

Rest in Joy Josh.